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Is it worth the effort for staff appraisals?

An article byHermann Stieglbauer

What does the break-up of a "celebrity marriage" have to do with your relationship with your staff?

Has an employee ever resigned from your company?

Or: Why did you part with an employee?

If we read the reason in the newspaper why a prominent couple is separating, it is often said:

"They have grown apart!"

Or have you ever read: "The two of them talked too much to each other!"?

Why do we humans always shy away from a clarifying conversation when we have differences?

We want to avoid conflicts.
The fear of quarrelling and losing harmony is greater.
It is difficult to start a conversation.
The time is not right.
Concerns about being able to deal with the bad mood

ONLY: A couple rarely broke up because they talked too much and openly with each other!

And - how often do you take time - outside of your daily business - to talk to your employees?

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