‘Ready-made’ staff trainings usually have a fundamental problem: every company is different – a ‘prototypical employee’ as such does not exist. Each employee is an individual with unique abilities, motivations, and behavioural patterns.

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Pleasure in ones own achievements, identification with company goals and team spirit can only be achieved if these individual patterns are recognised, integrated and promoted. This is why our training program is based on an individual approach. The starting point is always the personality of an individual. It’s the individual person who generates success through his behaviour towards others and to his company. deutsche training uses various educational methods to achieve the best possible results. Lectures, case studies, role playing, film analyses and team work are constantly being supplemented by new approaches. In order to ensure the sustainability of your measures, deutsche training continuously develops new tools, such as interactive learning applications.


In practise one thing is above all:
A practical attitude.

Alongside an academic degree, all our trainers spent many years of professional practice in leadership positions and bring along methodical qualification and experience in training. Some advisors are also lecturers at academic institutions.

Martina Stadler

Customer service, accounting, finances

Ulrich zur Strassen

Leadership and management training, coaching, consulting on employee development and management

Education Executive Master in Training and Development (MTD), Diplom-Ingenieur
Work experience Management, leadership and sales experience in various industrial enterprises, among others: Kulmbacher Aktienbrauerei
Born in 1960

Hermann Stieglbauer

Leadership, sales and communication training, coaching

Education Graduate engineer
Work experience Leadership and sales experience in the mechanical engineering and service industries
Born in 1965

Vivian Manasse, LL.M

Leadership, management and communication training, coaching, cultural training (German, English, Portuguese, Spanish)

Education Lawyer (LL.M)
Work experience
 Leadership and management experience in several renowned law firms - currently lecturer in Intercultural Management at the São Paulo Business School.
Born in 1963

Lena Stoltefaut

Team development, mediation, conflict coaching

Education Graduate in economics (FH), business mediator
Work experience Management activities in industrial and service companies
Born in 1981

Ying He

Leadership and Management Training, Intercultural Training (German, English, Mandarin)

Education Diploma in Business Administration (University)
Work experience Management and sales experience in various industrial and service companies
Born in 1973

Josef Eisenberger

Consultancy for organisational development, leadership and management training

Education Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (WU Vienna); Master's degree in Supply Chain Management (FH Steyr)
Work experience Management experience in product sales and marketing management in the outdoor industry; digital business development; training officer DAV Traunstein
Born in 1991

Daniel Tybussek

Leadership, communication and management training, consulting in personnel and organisational management

Education Banker Diplom-Kaufmann (extra-occupational studies at the FernUniversität Hagen with a focus on personnel management and organisation)
Work experience Leadership and management experience as - Authorised signatory and group leader in banking - Full-time mayor of a town in Hesse with just under 30,000 inhabitants and around 350 employees - Chairman of the supervisory boards of municipal companies (including municipal utilities and housing companies)
Born in 1977

Sara Matos

Customer service, team assistance

Julia Barthof

Customer service, team assistance, order management


Proximity is important to us –
even at long distances

The team of the deutsche training is at your side from the first contact to the preparation of the seminar. At the Backoffice in Seebruck, your counterparts clarify all open questions concerning the smooth running of seminar planning and preparation, scheduling and hotel arrangements.
As well as the creation and evaluation of specific and individual seminar papers and all other aspects that ensure a successful training.
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Our headquarter is located in Seebruck am Chiemsee, between Munich and Salzburg. Here we prepare our seminars and coordinate appointments. Go to Contact to find a guide with directions.